Frisco Capital focuses on investment opportunities in which our collective talents can help maximize the long-term value of a business.  We recognize that the path to creating value lies in a commitment to outstanding customer service and unparalleled excellence in execution.  We are interested in companies in the United States that operate within growing industries and have demonstrated sustainable competitive positions.

Investment Criteria

Frisco Capital seeks acquisition candidates that satisfy a majority of the following criteria:


    Revenues between $8-50M

    EBITDA $1.5-6M

    EBITDA Margin of 15% or greater

    Transaction value of $10-50M


    History of strong free cash flow and profitable operations

    Recurring revenue streams

    Senior management seeking to exit or partner with a new management team


    Well positioned in a growing industry or sub-industry

    Opportunities to create sustainable competitive positions

    Large market with fragmented industry structure


    Committed management team

    Committed to growth

    Owner seeking both liquidity and transition of operational responsibility

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