Frisco Capital is a private investment fund formed to locate, acquire, and operate a small to mid-sized company while increasing its value using proven management methodologies and capital restructuring as needed. We look for profitable companies in growing industries.  Frisco Capital represents the capital and experience of a team of seasoned operators, entrepreneurs, and investors that are dedicated to creating long-term value. Our energetic management team is committed to ensuring the long-term growth while preserving the culture, reputation, and customer relationships of any investment it undertakes.  We have the ability to close deals quickly without the need for extensive bank financing and we offer attractive liquidity options for owner/operators seeking to exit the day to day management of their business.

We provide liquidity to business owners, supply capital for growth and ensure continuity to customers, employees and the community.  We operate in an ethical and principled manner based on deeply held values of integrity, hard work, fairness, and transparency.