Our Value Proposition for Sellers

At Frisco Capital, we understand that building a successful business requires years of hard work and dedication. We provide access both to capital and to an energetic management team that is focused on building long-term value. We have the ability to close deals quickly without the need for extensive bank financing and we offer attractive liquidity options for owner/operators seeking to exit the day to day management of their business.  In addition, we offer a divestiture option for divisions that no longer fit with their company's broader strategic plan.

Our team is committed to the long-term success of the business that we acquire and, as such, we value the employees, culture, and customer relationships that helped to make it successful.  We recognize that successful companies are built through the hard work of its employees earning customer loyalty. It is because of this awareness that we commit ourselves to creating mutually beneficial relationships with potential sellers and their company's management team, staff, and customers. We believe these relationships form the foundation upon which the Frisco management team can partner to drive profitable growth for employees and shareholders.  We operate in an ethical and principled manner based on deeply held values of integrity, hard work, fairness, and transparency.

Our adviser team is comprised of a well respected group of executives, entrepreneurs, and investors. Collectively, these individuals have extensive and diverse experience in managing, investing in, and growing businesses. Frisco Capital's managing partners will have the counsel of this team to complement their decades of management experience in operating businesses to help ensure long-term success of the business.

Our Commitment to You:

Reasonable Timeframes and Discrete Transactions

Our investors have combined experience in hundreds of transactions. This gives us the expertise to quickly and effectively address and resolve issues that may arise during a change of ownership. This includes issues related to taxation, estate planning, and the needs of family members who may remain with the company.  We also understand an owner's desire to minimize disruption to his or her business and we will exercise the highest degree of confidentiality.

Commitment to Integrity and a Fair Deal

Frisco Capital is committed to conducting all business and negotiations with the highest standard of integrity. Our backgrounds as builders and founders of businesses mean we will be respectful of your time and will work with you in a forthright manner.  We are looking for a fair deal and we are not interested in negotiating the last dollar from a seller. We will pay a fair price to ensure a healthy transition from the current owners.

Flexible Deal Structures

Frisco Capital has the ability to tailor the financing of the transaction to accommodate a seller's lifestyle and tax planning needs. We are open to the possibility of ongoing owner involvement and/or equity in the business where it makes sense.


Frisco Capital is committed to the continuity of company reputation, employee development, and customer care.  We believe that retaining a company's current employees, preserving its culture, and building a strong relationship with existing management is critical for long-term success. Frisco Capital will work with current employees to ensure a smooth transition and fair treatment of the people who have contributed significantly in building a company.

We Build Long-Term Value

Frisco Capital's partners have extensive operating experience and will be operating the company on a day-to-day basis after completing the acquisition.  They are incentivized to manage the company for long-term profitability and, as such, are not interested in flipping a company for short-term returns. Our goal is to work to build long-term value for employees, shareholders, customers and the community.

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