Frisco Capital was formed by a team of experienced operators, entrepreneurs, and investors with the express purpose of creating long-term value in the companies in which it invests and operates.  Frisco Capital is a private investment fund formed to locate, acquire, and operate a great company while increasing its value using proven management methodologies.  

We are a private investment partnership formed by a seasoned group of entrepreneurs, business executives, and investors who are passionate about building and growing small to mid-sized companies that are dedicated to creating long-term value. We are different from most traditional private equity firms in that we take an active role in managing the day-to-day operations of our companies.  Following an investment, our Managing Partner will relocate to the business and assume a full-time management position, allowing the owner/operator to gain liquidity and transition out of a daily operating role.  We focus on established and profitable companies in growing industries.

Our Objective

Frisco Capital's sole mission is to build long-term value through acquiring, operating and growing a privately held business. Value creation may include extensions of existing product and service lines, augmenting sales and marketing functions, improving internal work processes, and employing innovative incentive and HR programs. It may also include external growth, when appropriate, through additional acquisitions and expansion into new service lines and geographic territories. We seek to partner with highly ethical management teams that share our enthusiasm and hands-on approach to building and growing world-class enterprises.  

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